Carriann Lane


Carriann trains public sector writers to convey complex information in plain language.

She leads a team focused on using human language and design thinking to create clear content for all.

Carriann trains public sector staff at all levels to use design thinking, agency standards, and plain talk to accomplish work vital to our communities.

For credentials, see Carriann Lane, PMP® | MSA on LinkedIn.

Dr. Sharon Bridwell

Write Words Inc. Founder

Dr. Sharon Bridwell advises curriculum design, business strategy, and ethical leadership.

Sharon developed written communication skills for tens of thousands of public sector executives and employees over 20 years
as the Write Words Inc. CEO.

As a career retired Navy Captain, Sharon worked with Naval leadership from sea to shore.

Sharon and Rick Bridwell run Bridwell Communications Solutions in Olympia, Washington.

We design for you, the public sector writer.

Tens of thousands of public sector writers have welcomed us into their workplaces over the last 25 years.

We work together to quickly develop public sector writing skills in plain language, usability, clarity, editing, and design.

We designed and piloted plain language training in Washington state under the direction of Dr. Sharon Bridwell. We now train at any reasonable location on the planet. Live online or in-person, we support public sector professionals where they work.

We respect you and the realities of working in a regulatory environment.

Learn professional and technical writing skills with us. Train a plain language lead for your organization, gain essential editing skills for any project, or develop writing teams in your agency.

Congratulations, Virginia Given!

Thank you for leading thousands of public sector professionals to success in your 11 years of leadership. Enjoy your retirement!