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Plain Language Writing and Design

Learn how to lead busy users to the right action and convey complex information clearly. Gain a certificate in plain language practice.

Who should take this course?
All public sector staff and community

Meets training requirements of
Public Law 111 – 274: Plain Writing Act of 2010

7 hours

Writing Skills for the Public Sector

Gain essential writing skills and customer focus tools for every task in the workplace. Engage and inform customers, colleagues, and decision-makers well.

Who should take this course?
Public sector staff and community partners who want a comfortable intro to writing in regulatory environments.

7 hours

Technical Writing: Tricks of the Trade

Learn how to convey complex ideas and info clearly to all users. Write well for those who do not share your expertise and those who do.

Who should take this course?
Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) procurement personnel, engineers, managers, scientists, administrative staff, and analysts who must write usable, clear content.

14 hours

Technical and Professional Writing for the Defense Workforce

Gain certification in plain language compliance and earn 18 continuous learning points.

Develop technical and professional writing skills to make your writing tasks easier and deliverables better.

Who should take this course?
Defense workforce writers: military,
vendors, contractors, civilian employees, and project partners.

18 hours

Editing and Proofreading

Gain essential editing and proofreading skills for every form of writing.

Stop memorizing grammar rules–start learning patterns and functions to use grammar well.

Who should take this course?
Government workplace writers, executive and administrative assistants, anyone who writes, revises, or proofreads.

14 hours

Technical Editing

Edit legal, scientific, and technical information for all audiences.

Use information design and plain language to ensure users will read, understand, trust, and remember what you write.

Who should take this course?
Public sector writers who must convey legal, scientific, or technical information to experts and
non-expert users.

7 hours

Access for All

Ensure all users can access, understand, and use what you write.

Learn how to create and test accessible email, presentations, web content, and documents.

Ensure your content works for all physical, sensory, or cognitive abilities to the fullest extent possible.

Who should take this course?
All public sector staff and community partners.

7 hours

Writing Good Policy

Learn the parts of policy documents and how the parts work together.

Use logic and insights from behavioral science, paired with plain language writing, to write great policy statements.

Make sure your work complies with related laws and regulatory requirements.

Who should take this course?

Anyone who needs to convey findings,
recommend actions and solutions, or write policy.

14 hours

Crucial Conversations®

Learn how to handle the most crucial challenges in life and work: those that involve human behavior.

Connect with us to learn how to bring this world-class training from Crucial Learning® (formerly VitalSmarts®) to your organization.

Who should take this course?

All people who want to hold conversations with safety and respect when stakes are high, opposing viewpoints present, and powerful emotions come into play.

Live online, in-person, and hybrid. Course duration varies by delivery method.