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Client Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern online courses, onsite courses, public workshops, and coaching services provided by Write Words Inc. (“Write Words”) to you as client and are incorporated into the Write Words Application. When you purchase services from Write Words, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

You agree to these terms and conditions when you purchase these services from Write Words: online courses (when available), onsite courses, public workshops, translation service, or coaching. Write Words reserves the right to update these terms and conditions from time to time and the updated terms and conditions will govern services purchased on and after the date of the updated terms and conditions. Your continued use of Write Words services signifies your acceptance of the changes. Write Words will maintain the current terms and conditions on the Write Words website. These Terms and Conditions may be supplemented or superseded by contract for Onsite courses.

Administrator: The Administrator oversees all activities governing this website and Write Words registration or inquiries. Contact: customerservice@writewordsusa.com.

Age Restriction

You must be 17 or older to purchase Write Words’ services and Write Words will not knowingly provide services to anyone under 17 years old.

Application Process

Initially, you must provide Write Words with contact information. Write Words will then provide you with an Application for any of their services. ONLY the individual who applies for services will be provided services. Most services will require a contractual agreement.

You agree to provide true, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself as requested in the Application.

When you submit payment and present a signed contract, you acknowledge that you agree with the terms and conditions stated in this document.

Write Words will advise you when your Application has been accepted.

Assignment Due Dates

You must complete and review all assignments for onsite courses during the course day(s). Our assignment due policy does not apply to coaching or translation projects.

Books or Materials

As a service to you, Write Words provides you with access to books or materials written by Write Words or Write Words' contracted authors.


Once Write Words accepts you and assigns you a writing coach or translator, Write Words will not cancel the course or project. However, extenuating circumstances (such as a personal emergency) may require Write Words to assign you a new onsite instructor, coach, or translator.

Write Words reserves the right to cancel Public Workshops subject to our refund policy. If you are taking a Public Workshop that Write Words is hosting and Write Words has to cancel, Write Words will issue refunds in accordance with the Write Words refund policy below.

If you are taking an onsite course sponsored by a federal, state, municipal, corporate, or nonprofit group, and the hosting agency cancels the course, the hosting agency will refund according to their agreement with you.


Write Words offers two certification tracks if you take our onsite courses: business and technical. Certification will require you to complete additional assignments in each class. Therefore, you must tell us you want certification when you register. You will pay an extra fee for certification.

A Business Writing Certificate requires you to complete the following courses:

  • Basic Grammar Review
  • Editing and Proofreading Skills Review
  • The Professional Approach to Electronic Messaging
  • Punctuation Skills
  • Writing Documents in Plain Talk
  • Writing Skills: Business Writing in Plain Talk
  • Writing Minutes and Meeting Notes
  • Powerful Business Writing That Works or Clear Business Writing

A Technical Writing Certificate requires you to complete the following courses:

  • The Anatomy of a Grant Comprehensive Workshop/Course
  • Editing and Proofreading Techniques for Technical Writers
  • Tricks of the Trade in Technical Writing or Technical Writing Techniques for Engineers, Researchers, and Scientists
  • Writing Documents in Plain Talk Or Business Writing in Plain Talk
  • Writing Manuals
  • Writing Policies, Procedures, and Tasks (will wave course if you show ability to write effective policies, procedures, and tasks)

To view our current certification fees, return to the home page and click on “Fees” in the left panel

Client Conduct

Each person applying for services with Write Words is bound by the following rules of conduct.

1). Provide Accurate Information. You agree to provide true, accurate, current, and complete information about Yourself as requested in the Application and registration forms (this information is called "Registration Data"). Accurate records help Write Words create better sites and allow Write Words to provide you with the best possible learning experience.

2). Obey the Law. You agree not to use the service for illegal purposes or for the transmission of material that is unlawful, harassing, untrue and damaging to others, invasive of another's privacy, abusive, threatening, obscene, or that infringes the copyrights or intellectual property of others.

3). Misuse of Website Content. International copyright laws protect the Write Words website design, text, logo, and graphics that are part of the website. Write Words prohibits the publication, sale, or redistribution of the Write Words website in any form without prior written permission.

4). Website disclaimer. You expressly understand and agree that your use of the website is solely at your risk. Write Words does NOT guarantee that the website will be uninterrupted or error-free. Write Words does not guarantee that the website services, information, or books sold will meet your expectations.

Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the Write Word website is done at your own discretion and risk, and you will be solely responsible for any potential damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the download of any such material.

Coaching Services

Write Words does NOT provide coaching for college work below graduate level, but Write Words will assist you with your major documents. For example, you may request editing and proofreading services for your Master's Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation, but Write Words will not research, write, or rewrite it for you.

Completion of Onsite Courses

You must complete all work associated with an Onsite course within the allotted class period. If you want the optional certification or continuing education units, you cannot miss any of your onsite course hours.

Completion of Project with Writing Coach or Translator

You will negotiate a project completion date with your individual Coach or Translator.

Continuing Education Credit

You may earn Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) from Pierce Community College for any Write Words course Onsite, or Public Workshop. You will work directly with this college to receive these CEUs and pay the College’s administrative fees. Upon request, Write Words will provide you with a continuing education credit application and instructions.

Email Policy

Write Words will communicate with you through email. If you change your email address, you must notify Write Words of your new address as soon as possible. Your failure to notify Write Words of Your new email address indicates you have discontinued the project and forfeited all fees. Clients should check your email twice a week for direction from your coach or translator. Check your email daily during your coaching or translation period. Write Words will assume you have received and read within two days of transmission any email Write Words sends to your email address as shown in the Write Words database.

Ending the Service Write Words Provides You

Write Words may terminate use of Write Words’ services for any reason, including, without limitation, if Write Words believes you have violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of these terms and conditions.


Please contact the administrator for more information.

Governing Law

All matters relating to your use of Write Words services shall be governed by the laws of the United States and the state of Washington.

Government, Corporate, or Nonprofit Employees

If you are a government, corporate, or nonprofit employee and wish to take an onsite course or Public Workshop, contact Write Words directly to see whether your organization has a contract with Write Words. Do NOT register directly with Write Words unless you want to pay for the onsite course or Public Workshop at your own expense. But DO register if you wish to apply for a coach or translation services.


Write Words does not give grades. Write Words will comment on your writing and give you optional approaches for responses to our exercises and assignments. Write Words only provides a certificate of completion for each course if you successfully finish the course and associated assignments.


Write Words honors all United States federal holidays.

Homework Help

Write Words does NOT provide homework help. Write Words is not a tutoring service. Write Words does provide Writing Coaches to edit and proofread completed academic projects at the college level, to include your Master's Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation. Write Words will help you deal with quick turn-around times.

Learning Responsibility

It is your responsibility to learn the material in the courses to your desired level of knowledge. It is not the instructor's, or coach's duty to make you learn. Your instructor, or coach, and onsite classmates can help you, but only you can learn the material.


Write Words will not exclude anyone from its onsite, coaching, or translation services because of race, color, creed, national origin, religion, gender, disability, or birthplace.

Non-Endorsement of Client Material.

Write Words does NOT endorse the content of your material (written, rewritten, edited, proofread, or translated) and is NOT responsible or liable for any finished product.

Onsite Instructor Expectations

In addition to professional instruction, your onsite instructor will provide you with a textbook and handouts. You may communicate with your instructor as would normally be expected in any live classroom setting, like ask questions during the lecture, or during breaks. Your instructor will make suggestions and teach you a method for clear writing.

If you wish to communicate with your onsite instructor after course completion, you must do so through the Write Words (see “About Us/Contact Us” on the home page).

Our Write Words Commitment

If you are dissatisfied with our services for any reason, you must email your instructor, coach, or translator, with a copy to admin@writewordsusa.com, identifying the problem and your suggestions for solving it. Your instructor, coach, or translator will call you to resolve the problem. Misunderstandings occur despite the best efforts to avoid them. Voice communication is often a better choice than email for resolving those misunderstandings.

If you remain dissatisfied after discussing the matter with the instructor, Coach, or translator, Write Words will refer the matter to the CEO for mediation. Decisions by the CEO are final. If Write Words determines that Write Words cannot deliver, or has failed to deliver, academically or technically what Write Words has committed, Write Words will refund monies paid for that commitment in accordance with the refund policy below.

Ownership of Assignments or Project Submissions

You retain the copyright to any work you create within a course and may use it as you see fit. Write Words will not use any of your work for purposes other than for your learning.


You can pay for your course or writing coach in two ways.
1. Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) through us.
2. Money order or bank check by mail (post).
3. Write Words does not accept cash payment.

Federal, State, Municipal, Corporate, or Nonprofit organizations requesting Onsite courses or Public Workshops must make payment arrangements with Write Words Accounting.

Payment Due Date

Unless superseded by government, corporate, or nonprofit contract, course fees are due at application or registration, as applicable. Writing coach and translation services clients must apply and receive approval prior to registration. Public Workshop clients may pay at the door; however, your seat is not guaranteed unless you reserve it through us.

Privacy Policy

Write Words protects access to all client contact information through a number of proven methods. Your information will not be available to web search engines or data mining processes. Write Words does not, under any circumstances, share client contact information with anyone other than Write Words staff. If your employer contacts Write Words wanting information on your participation in any Write Words course, Write Words will contact you first for your permission to relay such information.

Public Workshop Courses

Occasionally Write Words will offer courses open to the public at various locations. You can check the schedule on the home page, left panel to see any offered in your area. You should register early because these public courses can fill quickly. Due to room rental and refreshment costs, Write Words typically charges a higher fee for Public Workshops than for our Onsite courses. Public Workshop registrants may reserve a seat in advance by paying a non-refundable registration fee, which is deductible from the course fee.

Questions You Might Have

If you have questions about Write Words services contact us or email us at customerservice@writewordsusa.com. Once you register for any of our services and need answers to specific questions, please contact your instructor, coach, or translator and include your full name and class and class date or project name in all correspondence to expedite a response.

Records Retention and Use

Write Words maintains attendance and assignment completion records for our classes for a period of two years.

Reference Style Manual Preference

Write Words uses The Gregg Reference Manual as its American preferred style manual for all academic, business, and technical projects. If you prefer Write Words' writing coaches or translators to use a different style manual, such as The Chicago Manual of Style or The Associated Press Format or specific publisher guidelines, you must mention this fact when you register for Write Words services.

Refunds – Onsite Courses

You (course host) may cancel your Onsite course NOT later than 10 working days prior to start date for a full refund. If you cancel within 10 working days prior to the start date, Write Words will deduct a 30 percent cancellation fee. If Write Words must cancel an onsite course, you will receive a full refund.

Refunds – Public Workshops

If Write Words cancels a Public Workshop, Write Words will refund all monies you have paid. If you cancel your registration within 10 working days prior to the workshop or do not attend the workshop, you forfeit the registration fee. If you paid for the entire course in advance, Write Words will refund your money less the registration fee.

Refunds – Writing Coach or Translation Services

If Write Words declines your application for Coaching or translation services, you will not receive a refund of the any costs you incurred during the application process (if any). If Write Words completes a coaching project early, you may be eligible for a refund. Translation fees are per word and are not subject to refund. Write Words will contact your Coach to verify the exact completion date to determine your refund amount. Write Words will refund within 10 days of verification.

Registration Confirmation

You will receive confirmation of your application or registration of non-sponsored Onsite course within three working days of our receiving your payment. Please remember that Write Words must have your money in hand before Write Words can confirm your registration. Write Words only processes and confirms registration for those Public Workshops it hosts. Otherwise, hosting agencies will handle their own course registration confirmation.

Response to Your Requests or Submissions

Our staff, trainers, instructors, coaches, and translators usually respond to email and uploaded assignments or projects within 1-2 business days. During very busy periods responses may take longer. You are expected to notify by email your coach or translator when you have transmitted any documents. When business travel or vacation will preclude Write Words’ ability to respond to email, Write Words will notify you in advance. However, Write Words won't assign you an instructor, coach, or translator who isn't reasonably available for the entire course or project period (holidays excluded).

Technical Requirements

Write Words is not responsible for any technical or incompatibility problems you may experience.

Termination of Services

Write Words may refuse to provide services to anyone or may terminate services to any client.

Third Party Software

Though Write Words makes every effort to ensure our vendors' products will not harm your computer, Write Words will not be held liable for damage due to the use of third party software.

Translator Expectations

Your translator will review your project and Write Words will write a contract for the two of you to sign. The contract will specify cost of the service, and establish a not later than (NLT) date to complete. Often time is of the essence when completing translation services and Write Words will strive to meet the NLT date if not earlier. The contract may contain other pertinent conditions. Your translator may make suggestions for improvement in readability, grammar, and structure. You will correspond with your translator via email. Write Words honors all US federal holidays and allows two weeks’ vacation during the summer months for translators and staff, which may affect your ability to correspond during those times.

Translators will NOT instruct you on what specific words or phrases to use.

Transmission of Documents, Projects, or Assignments

Your documents, projects, or assignments will be normally submitted via email. On rare occasions, your documents may be transmitted by other means with prior coordination between the coach or translator and you (facsimile, postal, FedEx, UPS, etc.).

Use of Course Materials

You are welcome to use the materials provided to you for learning. You may read, view, and print text materials for your own use. You many NOT, however, distribute, copy, or reproduce any Write Words materials or let others do so. You may NOT copy any of Write Words’ materials and incorporate them into other works. All of the Write Words products, are protected under the United States Copyright Act of 1976, as amended, and may NOT be distributed, copied, or reproduced in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system in whole or in part without the permission of Write Words. The Write Words name and logo are licensed and protected.

You may use materials you create as part of a course or coaching project and materials you create as part of a team within an onsite course. However, you cannot use materials created by Write Words or Write Words’ associates, instructors, coaches, or translators (other than the translated product itself) without their prior written permission.

Website Problems or Changes

Write Words does its best to make its website efficient. However, Write Words cannot always foresee or anticipate technical problems. These problems may result in loss of data, personalization settings, or other service interruptions. For this reason, Write Words assumes no responsibility for technical failures.

Write Words reserves the right to change, temporarily or permanently, its website without notice. You agree that Write Words will not be liable to you for any modification Write Words makes to its website.


Please see our refund policy above.

Writing Coach Expectations

Your writing coach will review your project and Write Words will write a contract for the two of you to sign. The contract will specify cost of the service, and establish a not later than (NLT) date to complete. The contract may contain other pertinent conditions. Your Coach will make suggestions for improvement in readability, grammar, and structure. Your Coach will also provide limited content suggestions depending on your Coach's experience with the subject matter. You will correspond with your Coach via email. Write Words honors all US federal holidays and allows two weeks’ vacation during the summer months for writing coaches and staff, which may affect your ability to correspond during those times.

Coaches will make suggestions and teach you a method for clear writing. Your coach will NOT instruct you on what specific words or phrases to use. You must have your own legal staff or publisher advise you for the final wording.

(C) 2008 Write Words Inc. All Rights Reserved